August 24, 2008

What do you think?

Hey you guys.. Worked on this theme quite a bit. Blogger themes are pretty hard to find.. I mean good ones, if you want to get something else than just color-y backgrounds. Wordpress themes, amazing themes all over the web!! This was like a whole week's worth of effort. Yup.. I am getting pretty old.

So, anyway, what do you think of this new look?? Please let me know if it appears screwed up in your browser or if some link etc doesn't work. Suggestions, opinions welcome.


Vinay said...

Looks better than the previous one. One thing though. The comments posted sometimes seem to come under the wrong topic. I could be wrong at his hour, but still feel so. Cheers

Anonymous said...

The masthead is fine; but the rest of it is not like what it was earlier. The vertical panel that was on the right has moved to the bottom left. It cannot be so when YOU open it; because if it were so, you'd have taken care of it. Now what?



Still updating the blog theme. Will get down to the blogrolling and all soon.

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