November 18, 2009

The reason I haven't been posting regularly....

.. is that I am bored of this blog template. Yes, that is the reason! Well, ok, maybe not the only reason - but a major contributing factor it is! So, then, what is the answer? Spring cleaning - during and after - always makes me feel happy. A blog look revamp it is. Yay. But.... I am unable to find a great blog layout and I don't want to 'settle' for an okie-dokie blog layout this time. But - and here is the clincher - I want a free layout. Help!! I have been to most of the popular blogger template sites and liked and downloaded a few, but nothing seems to click. Where should I look?
Oh and lets save modding a template or making a brand new one as the 'none of the above' option.

November 10, 2009

Feminity and essence of womanhood

Don't you think that the environment in which we are brought up, affects us most? I know, I know, age-old debate and all that - conditioning and inherent qualities and all that, but I really do believe that conditioning - both conscious and unconscious - molds us to a great deal. I mean 'My Fair Lady' is a great celluloid piece and all that but it takes a lot of effort to de-learn all the 'unwanted' and learn the 'much needed'. It takes a lot to be a 'lady'. Where am I going with this? Well, I was going through my awe-inspiring drafts folder and came across this snippet. I don't know what transpired when I wrote this, so the above para was just a sort of introduction/explanation for the snippet.

I remember (and for some strange reason whatever I remember of my childhood school days is always in technicolor) watching my mom comb and style her long glorious hair and wishing that I too inherit her hair when I grew up. I remember her perfectly draped saris, perfectly rounded nails - both painted and unpainted, her musical laugh - so lady-like. I remember hoping that I would be a lady just like her when I grow up. I guess for every little girl, her mother is the fairy queen. Much as she might rebel in her teenage years, she will try to emulate most of what she remembers/sees still as the magical quality that she thinks makes her mother such a lady. And its not all appearances - handling pesky, nosy relatives, managing a household, arguing gracefully without raising her voice - yes, we all wish we could be like our moms in almost all areas. She is the epitome of femininity and the way she takes care of her family, makes time for her work, your school and your extra-curricular activities without stressing it out defines for you what being a 'lady' or a 'woman' really means. And it got me wondering today - am I today what I wanted to be like when the young and idealistic me defined what a 'lady' is?

Nope. A firm no. Nowhere miles near. But is that still how I want to be - the basics of it - yes! Surprising, isn't it? All these years and still the notion for me about what goes to make a perfect woman is still the same?

Do you have an ideal for what a perfect woman is?

October 26, 2009

Two incidents that got me thinking....

That was one long break from this blog. I have been toying with shutting this blog down, but I get this niggling voice that says, oh this I should blog about and all...

Heard of rodent problem? How about the massive traffic, food, or even cockroach problem? Well, this one coffee shop in Pune I had been to faces what they call the 'police problem'. Nestled in the middle of buildings housing BPOs, the 11/12pm deadline mean they lose out on their main customers - BPO employees looking for a caffeine shot to boost up energy levels. Why not build it inside one of the buildings, I asked. Restricts clients only to that one building - this way there are walk in clients as well (like me). Plus, most of the BPOs have coffee shops or kiosks in their cafeteria. The BPO employees come to this cafe for meeting up with different people too. Hmm... Whatever the reason, they switch off the lights if a police van approaches. And the event the police do prod them to shut down, am sure money changes hands. Yes, I can see the problem. Its our Indian 'chalta hai' lets-make-this-one-occasion-an-exception attitude. We are all more than happy to bend, bypass and break rules. And who is to blame? The people whose duty it is to safeguard the rules! [How, and if, they perform this duty is a different part altogether] Police problem, indeed!!

Oh and a shout out and a big thanks for the kind lady at Pink Attire, Pune. Well, get this. Outside the venue of a formal do, in a part of the city you know nothing about, dressed in your dressy best. Not the best time for the person in charge of getting the gift to start muttering about gift wrapping - especially when there are no gift or stationary stores in sight. The lady at Pink Attire, puts her conversation with her client on hold and graciously gives us a swatch cloth to be used for wrapping a gift when we barge into her shop and explain our fix!! Any old cloth swatch would have done, but she eyes our gift, and asks her masterji to get a gold tissue cloth swatch. She could have simply shooed us away, and regaled her clients about the 'weird people problem' that she faces. Class? Manners? Nah, just attitude!

Anyway, check this tutorial for cloth/fabric gift wrapping.

[Image from: White Apricot ]

September 1, 2009

Overdosing, cravings and what have yous

Feeling like OD-ing on sleep right now. Yesterday, it was chocolate (thanks to a gift hamper by these generous people, but more about that later). Over the weekend it was eating all kinds of sinful food.
Hmm... I wonder if one can OD on awesome holidays. Imagine that!! That will take care of my cravings for these three days!
What do you wish to OD on today?

August 31, 2009

A modern-day love story...

I have been meaning to write this for a long time. Being a subject so close to my heart, I don't think I am in a mood of studied writing. Be warned - lots gushing and mushy stuff ahead.

Hubby, sis and papa.
For making this love story possible.

She sighed as she beheld the one she craved. Yearned for. One day... one day..

Chapter One and Only
It all began over a couple of years ago, when I got my iPhone as a birthday gift. A birthday gift that I insisted upon. And boy, am I glad I did. Back then, it was my Apple-adulation that was the main reason for craving it; right alongside the look-its-so-sexy and ooh-so-shiny. Yep, back then it was lust. Just basic lust. Then....

Then I got my paws on it, and started trawling the web and finding all about apps - free and more, SSH, themes, utilities. And the games. Once I started, I was hooked. I spent hours searching for app sources that I could add to my Installer. And then I discovered the mail facility. It was then that I truly fell in love. Soon, my GPRS bill was more than my phone call bill. But....

But it was tough trying to turn my nose up almost everyday on people (friends and colleagues) who were either just out to get me or diss the iPhone. Every story has villains - temporary ones or otherwise. But my love triumphed and held true. And then, one day...

One day my husband, S, told me about 2.1. And that I should upgrade. And all the people on the communities I had become a part of soon were saying the same thing. So... Took a deep breath and a backup. And upgraded my lovely to 2.1. And downgraded it back again the very next weekend. It slowed my love's reflexes. And she needed to sleep and recharge herself almost everyday!! And then there were those spells - she would just blank out all of a sudden. It was a trying time. It hurt me to see her so. So back to 1.1.3 it was. And then...

And then, soon, 3.0 was out! It had copy paste - global!! One weapon less in the iPhone-detractors' arsenal. It was fast. It worked on 2g as well. Landscape keyboard for messaging and more!! Another weapon gone. And it had global search. But my earlier experience advised caution. And so I waited, regularly checking out forums and message boards for any problem or glitch that I might encounter. And a couple of weeks ago, I (ok, fine, the hubby [I really can't bring myself to do such a severe operation on my love, you understand]) upgraded it to 3.0. And went into a app finding and downloading tizzy. And....

And they lived happily ever after.

All this while I have yet to find the perfect theme (am currently on buuf2). Any help, suggestions are welcome. If I find more, well, who knows, I might just write up a sequel to this....

August 10, 2009


... old, well-loved books. Enjoyable, never-will-be-bored movies. Eateries/haunts where something new and delicious is always waiting to be discovered.
Why do I find myself reaching for a Nora Roberts or JRR Tolkien? Of late, where is this willingness to re-watch Star Wars, Transformers, Sex and the City, and many more cropping up from? Why when hubby wants to try out some new place, the first thing that pops in my mind is why not Out of the Blue, Cafe Basilico or Moshe's??
Do I need some comfort and soothing for unknown reasons? Or am I sub-consciously gearing up for change??

July 16, 2009

Bombai nagariya....

It has been a unique experience living in Mumbai (not that I am moving out, yet). It just struck me today that a lot of things that used to strike me as weird or convoluted actually make sense to me and some I can even relate to. Blame it on the dichotomy that living in Mumbai is. So, I compiled a list. Care to add to this?

Prior to Mumbai I never:
  • felt the need for a locker in office. I fought to get one once I joined here. You do need a place to stash your just-in-case clothes for a sleepover at someone’s in the event of a riot/flood/rain/train strike/what-have-yous.
  • wore flip-flops/sturdy shoes to office only to switch into my heels the minute I opened my locker. One twisted ankle and dozens of ladies scoring my feet with their heels have made me give up my heels on my way to and fro from office. That and the state of my both feet and high heels after a week of daily abuse on Mumbai streets and trains.
  • understood the dark portends of 'too much rain'.
  • realized how lucky I was to have two days off as the weekend.
  • knew the existence and, indeed, the need of weekend getaways.
  • realized how easy it is to take for granted the impromptu meet-ups with friends - you know, the 'hello-are-you-doing-nothing-right-now-too-?-then-lets-meet-up kind. It makes such a difference when say, friend lives in Mulund, you in Andheri and the place that you both really check out is in South Bombay.
  • felt like a tiny, insignificant spec in the mind-boggling human mass that inhabits the earth.
  • understood the grit it takes to wake up every morning, make the 2 hour commute to work, slog, commute back home in 2 hours, eat, watch telly for half an hour, sleep and get up to do this ad infinitum all the while fighting for a toehold on the train that takes you to the tiny box that you call office and back.
  • lived in a city that is so awake all the time! Bangalore was a snooze fest. Pune was awesome but nowadays is only marginally better than Bangalore. In Mumbai, however, I don't get weirded out traveling alone even at 11. There are traffic jams here at 11 at night, for God's sake!
  • understood the true meaning of customer service. Pune has its siestas, Bangalore its I-don't-need-your-business-but-since-you-are-in-my-shop-what-the-heck-ness, and Mumbai its home-delivery boys even for a humble kiraana shop which is open till 10. Even the fruit and vegetable vendors shut shop only after 11. I realize this is due the late hours the residents have to keep, but, seriously!!
  • seen class differences blur like they do in Mumbai when it pours.
  • seen total strangers bond over cheap baubles or an irate commuter like they do on Mumbai local trains.
  • understood what a difference it makes to take a local train 3 minutes later than the usual one.
  • realized how the mounds of garbage and filth that one passes by everyday, slowly become invisible.
  • could comprehend how the can't-afford-to-stop-to-get-involved attitude lasts most of the year and suddenly transitions into helping hands during the monsoon.
  • sympathized with Bombayites who complained that they found other cities boring. Am hoping that this 'boring/itchy' phase lasts only a short time when I move out of here.
  • realized that people actually meant it when they said they were jealous of my one person cubicle. Ironically, I still have a one person cubicle. Yep, in Mumbai.
  • could come to terms with how anyone could justify that changing trains, taking the foot-over (train tracks) bridges and catching the bus on the run is exercise.
  • realized that when they claim to love of Mumbai in spite of everything they do/face, Mumbaikars mean it.

PS: My dream city (the city I want to settle down in) still remains Pune. It’s the city where I spent the first few heady years after college. Sigh. But, won’t embellish on Pune in this post; this one is about Mumbai.

Pic source.

July 15, 2009

Lifestyle change?

College. With little pocket money. Trying to stretch it to cover petrol, outings, food, dates, birthday gifts, movies, accessories, CDs and more. And trying to save some of it. Money seemed so important back then. Used to hand it out miserly.
Working now. Earning. Trying to stretch it to cover rent, petrol, groceries, shopping bills, credit card bills, insurance payments, beauty parlor payments, movies, Internet costs, maid costs... blah blah. And THEN trying to save some. Money is still important. Its just that now, I spend it like water. Lifestyle change? More like a mindset change.
Does it suddenly hit you, on some days, the enormous change that time has wrought on your spending habits? For me, its when I visit my mom or my in-laws. They still live like they used to - spending wisely. Somehow, between college and now, I have gone from spending miserly to lavishly without stopping for a second at wisely. Have decided to find out where it is, and stay there.
The problem, of course, is the return journey to miserly. Its uphill, you know! So when you are not concentrating hard (like when your concentration breaks coz you just spotted those Aldo or Charles and Keith heels at half off or a Mango or Van Heusen sale), you just sort of lose grip and slide back to lavishly . Still trying to find wisely. Do let me know if and how you found it, especially if you are living there.


Still updating the blog theme. Will get down to the blogrolling and all soon.

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