May 29, 2009

Yearning for the heavy downpour-y weekend....

for no social obligations.
for no grocery shopping (as the better half would have done it anyway)

to catch up on my sleep
to spend a lazy afternoon with a cup of steaming hot chai and a book

for catching a silly movie on DVD
for finishing the next level of the current game on the playstation

to do absolutely nothing but laze
to catch up with my ever-growing todo list - happily.

for a razai and an afternoon nap
for the wind to bring in the cool wet-earth fragrance.

to watch the green trees dance with the wind
to hear the rain make its own music.

[Pic source: Unknown. Actually, Google.]

May 25, 2009

A movie, a movie. My precious couple of hours for a movie...

All right, multiplex owners, IPL is over, done, kaput. You can drop your pretense of having a tussle with the producers and whosoever. Had you not had that rigmarole, you would have had poor ticket sales this IPL entertainment season; but your strategy paid off and now people will flock to see movies. So now start screening movies, will ya? And please, please, good ones?

May 22, 2009

A twisted sense of humor...

Long, gangly body, refusing to stop growing. Short, frizzy hair refusing to grow. Why, oh why, she cries. Why can't I have long, silky, straight tresses?!
Years pass. A quarter of a century old, with graying hair. Sigh.
But wait!! Growth spurt! Her hair! Yea! She colors. Straightens. Smiles at her straight-as-rain, long, silky hair. For two months.
Two months! And inch long gray roots. Six months. Hair long enough to obliterate the straightened hair.
Nature/fate/life has a twisted sense of humor...

May 18, 2009

Dear neighbour,

You don't know me pretty well - I live in the building next to yours, on the same floor as yours. The pink curtained windows of a living room? Yep, that's me! You know, I can see your entire home: all your rooms. I like your place - it seems so happily and messily lived-in. Umm.. not that I keep a watch or anything: I don't even know who live at your place... Not that I am looking! Oh well, this is getting worse. Let me start over....

When I first came here, I didn't know of the Mumbai rule of no socialising with your neighbours. Even if my window does look out into all their rooms. Like a good Mumbai neighbour, I stuck to the rule and didn't knock on your door three nights ago when I first heard the racket. Nor the day before. Or yesterday. But tonight, well, I just might. Yes, I just might break the rule. Why? Because..... I am very, very, very anxious to know what it is that requires nine whistles of your ancient pressure cooker to cook!! I am going to die of inquisitiveness otherwise.

Your curious-as-a-cat neighbour,

P.S. I wonder if, while writing down the recipe for me, you will lament about (and hopefully, apologise and promise no repeat performance of) your cruel job/fate that forces you to cook at 1 in the morning?!!

May 12, 2009

On my telly

Other than IPL, of course. Hubby and I have a deal - he watches all IPL matches he wants unless they clash with my must-watch programs. Simple, right? Yep, it is, and fair as I watch a total of 5 programs in the week - and two of them are programs we both watch, so that makes it 3, right? ;) Anyway...
Tim Gunn is back this Thursday on AXN! Right after the first part of the Top Chef finale. And Project Runway has started on DTL! The Rachel Zoe Project is off (I really didn't get how it was soooo huge in the US). Survivor Tocantins is getting really interesting and Heroes airs on Star World to make my TV watching list complete. Sweet!
So, what are you watching on TV today? Umm, aside from IPL, of course ;)

May 9, 2009

Mother's Day post

Happy Mother's Day! So, what are you going to do this Mother's Day? Me, I asked my dear friend, Sunita, to pen down her thoughts this Mother's Day. Sunita lost her mother to cancer this year. Their faith, character and strength were unflappable through those terrible months.
Here is what she says:

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.
~ Jewish Proverb

Writing about mom, is like trying accumulating an ocean into a tiny bucket.

As a child I would get excited at special ‘day’ approaching and would spend time thinking about the various things to do and make for that day. The little pieces of paper, lace and handicrafts were scattered on the table to make an appropriate craft for the occasion – a Christmas cracker for Christmas, a card for New Year, an Easter bunny for Easter and so on.

On this occasion of Mother’s day, we all like to remember the good things and times we spent with our mom and look forward to making her day all the more special.

I’d like to share one of the many stories from my childhood with you. During our childhood days, my sister and I were always excited about writing letters to Santa weeks before Christmas, asking for different kinds of gifts. The letter used to be handed over to mom to be posted and we used to anxiously await Christmas day. After returning from the midnight Mass, we used to rush to the tree to open our presents. I still recollect how we used to jump with joy on receiving the gifts that we asked for. As kids we never realized that it was not just the two of us who used to have the gleam of joy in our eyes and hearts, but also our mother - who was our real ‘Santa’, providing our desired gifts inspite of our financial conditions. She was always there for us, providing for us, teaching us and caring for us. She laughed with us, cried with us. We shared all our problems and secrets with her. She was more a friend than our mother.

Mothers are truly a gift from God. It’s only sad that we sometimes don’t treasure or realise the worth of this precious gift.

Personally, I feel dedicating just one day as Mother’s day is not fair at all. The woman who spends her entire day, her entire life - selflessly just to ensure that her family needs are met and that all the bonds are well united, certainly deserves much more than just one day in a year to be dedicated to her. I believe that every day should be ‘Mother’s day’. Why should we wait for one day in a year to shower the best treatment on our mother? Why can’t we do it every day? If she gives you her best all through your life, I’m sure you can do that too.

It’s been 10 months since my mom passed away and tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Exactly a year ago, she was admitted to the hospital for a test on this very day and I bought her flowers to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. The doctor didn’t know about it and asked her why there were flowers at her side. Mom replied back with a smile ‘It is Mother’s Day and these flowers are from my daughter’. All during her life she taught us how to be patient, kind and never to give up no matter whatever may be the situation. She too reflected these virtues right till her last breath.

I lost my mother, my friend and the most precious treasure God gave me. However I know that today she is in Paradise and will be proud of her daughters and as protective and caring of them as she was during her life of earth. During the year after her death, the three hardest things to forget are: her birthday, any day where we regularly convened as a family, and Mother’s Day.

Well, Mother’s Day has finally arrived, and the advertisements and signs in the greeting stores just reminded me again not forget Mother on her special day.

As if I could ever!

Happy Mothers Day!


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