August 12, 2008

A story...

Jana gana mana
Adhinayak jaya hay

The little girl jolted. She had, yet again, sleepwalked through the
bus ride to school, through the assembly bell, through the stupid mass
PT exercises, till the national anthem. This always woke her up. It
sounded more beautiful whenever this happened-which was often. It
always gave her goosebumps. It brought to mind the stories of the
martyrs that she read in her history books. (She was a serious girl.)
She thought that if they could give their lives so that our country
would benefit, she could also sacrifice some things every day that
would help her country. (Told you she was a serious kid.)

Years passed by. The girl grew up. Now, the only time she hears and
sings the national anthem is when she watches a movie in the
multiplex. It still gives her goosebumps. She still thinks of the
martyrs, the freedom fighters. And then she thinks of what is ails her
country. And how she has done precious little to alleviate the social
wrongs she witnesses everyday. And she wonders, shamefacedly, if
there is a way where she could bring glory to her country like Abhinay
Bindra. She remembers the idealism and optimism that was her
childhood. And wonders if maturity and growing-up robbed her of it.
And how it no longer feels like an epiphany to realise this. And she
sighs, shrugs and turns her attention to the movie. And the guilt

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Vinay said...

for sheer drivebiity, yes, this Mumbai-Pune expressway is the favourite. otherwise I enjoy the Goa to Mangalore stretch a lot.

Pinku said...

Tell the little girl there is much she can do to help the country attain glory.

She just has to look around herself and see what needs to be corrected and start doing it...not wait for the government, the civic bodies, the NGO's or someone else to do it.


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