August 2, 2008

What do you think?

Why do we try to pull down people who we perceive are successful? What
logic in our sub-concious prompts us to try and either denigrate their
success or to try to get a piece of their profit as if they owe us
that? So you have a Bush telling the world that India and China are
causing the food shortage. And how India is stealing jobs. Closer to
home, you have the MSEB proclaiming that the software industry is
sucking so much energy that Maharashtra is facing an energy crisis and
directing the software industry to cut their power consumption by 20%
Ever faced a guy making sarcastic remarks about your new phone that
the loser secretly covets? Thinking about it, I realise that I am
guilty of doing it at some point or the other - subconciously or
otherwise. And I don't know how I can not regret it when I think about
it know. I don't. Comeuppance. Putting someone down. Revenge. Or
showing someone their place. Call it what you will, we have all done
it at some point in our life. What have you done. And how would you
justfy it?

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