May 29, 2009

Yearning for the heavy downpour-y weekend....

for no social obligations.
for no grocery shopping (as the better half would have done it anyway)

to catch up on my sleep
to spend a lazy afternoon with a cup of steaming hot chai and a book

for catching a silly movie on DVD
for finishing the next level of the current game on the playstation

to do absolutely nothing but laze
to catch up with my ever-growing todo list - happily.

for a razai and an afternoon nap
for the wind to bring in the cool wet-earth fragrance.

to watch the green trees dance with the wind
to hear the rain make its own music.

[Pic source: Unknown. Actually, Google.]


TheKeyBunch said...

Priyanka, you spoke my mind!

Have a lovely weekend!

Ersa said...

that's so beautifully written...have a great weekend !

agent green glass said...

oh. you made me want the rain. thanks for dropping by. and have a super weekend. and ya... i hope it rains soon, before i wilt like the lettuce in a left over salad.

Nupur said...

of course every normal human being (;-)yearns for the kind of lazy lamhe that you have mentioned above ! Girl, GOD bless you for making this wish(on everyone's behalf) which might as well come true soon ;)

Priyanka said...

@KeyBunch, @Ersa: It rained (well, drizzled, anyway) this weekend!! So, yeah, had a wonderful weekend..

@agent green glass, @Nupur: It did rain! Hope it rained in your area too.. Did it?

tanu said...

wowwww :)


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