May 18, 2009

Dear neighbour,

You don't know me pretty well - I live in the building next to yours, on the same floor as yours. The pink curtained windows of a living room? Yep, that's me! You know, I can see your entire home: all your rooms. I like your place - it seems so happily and messily lived-in. Umm.. not that I keep a watch or anything: I don't even know who live at your place... Not that I am looking! Oh well, this is getting worse. Let me start over....

When I first came here, I didn't know of the Mumbai rule of no socialising with your neighbours. Even if my window does look out into all their rooms. Like a good Mumbai neighbour, I stuck to the rule and didn't knock on your door three nights ago when I first heard the racket. Nor the day before. Or yesterday. But tonight, well, I just might. Yes, I just might break the rule. Why? Because..... I am very, very, very anxious to know what it is that requires nine whistles of your ancient pressure cooker to cook!! I am going to die of inquisitiveness otherwise.

Your curious-as-a-cat neighbour,

P.S. I wonder if, while writing down the recipe for me, you will lament about (and hopefully, apologise and promise no repeat performance of) your cruel job/fate that forces you to cook at 1 in the morning?!!


Nupur said...

LOL for the post.. i could imagine what have you been through while guessing "whats cooking in there"

Well yeah, I agree to the Mumbai Rule (a never heard-never practiced before rule) - No Socializing with your neighbors!!!! Its been 1 and half year that i'm living in my 1BHK apartment and I don't know who lives next door leave alone the entire apartment !!

So what am i called ? A perfect Mumbaikar (who has not dared to break the rule) or a Loner ???

karmickids said...

No yaar, I'm the nosey neighbour who smiles in the lift, asks where you work and how many children you have and generally makes a pestilence of herself. I also know which flats I can call on at midnight if I have an know. Pays to be friendly.

BlueMist said...

ROFL I m thinking what must be the thing inside the cooker ? Brown rice may be ..or wait the cooker must be an antique piece.

and I love those I-dont-pok-my-dirty-nose-in-your-life kind of neighbors. Yet to get one you see !! :)

and thanks for dropping by. ** Wondering how did you come by !! **

Priyanka said...

@Nupur: It was weird, na, at first. But when you remember the nosy aunty back home who used to watch through the curtains every time your guy friends dropped by, well, this is a heaven send!!

@kiran: Oooh, I really want at least one neighbour like you! Seriously! It gets pretty lonely sometimes, and the only lady in my complex who actually smiles and small-talks is 73 years old and has a faulty memory :(

@BlueMist: Brown rice? Nah, 3 seetis only. Might just be a really really really old piece. Ended up on your site via phatichar's blog comments, I think. Do keep visiting.

Ersa said... did you find out what it was that the neighbor was cooking?

Priyanka said...

@Ersa: Nah. I met her in the lift and was about to ask her when I felt my face settling down into the aforementioned nosy-aunty-like expression!! Hightailed it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Priyanka,
Thats so cute :)
-Priyanka :)


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