May 12, 2009

On my telly

Other than IPL, of course. Hubby and I have a deal - he watches all IPL matches he wants unless they clash with my must-watch programs. Simple, right? Yep, it is, and fair as I watch a total of 5 programs in the week - and two of them are programs we both watch, so that makes it 3, right? ;) Anyway...
Tim Gunn is back this Thursday on AXN! Right after the first part of the Top Chef finale. And Project Runway has started on DTL! The Rachel Zoe Project is off (I really didn't get how it was soooo huge in the US). Survivor Tocantins is getting really interesting and Heroes airs on Star World to make my TV watching list complete. Sweet!
So, what are you watching on TV today? Umm, aside from IPL, of course ;)


ME said...

I think Hubbies watching IPL and wifies wanting to watch something else is so common in every other home... And then there this deal taking place between (almost) all the couples !

(Slightly on a different note from this post)- How everything is so common between all husband-wife relationships..though the people into it are so entirely different from each other... Amazing or Obvious ?

Priyanka said...

@ME: Age-old power-play and compromises!!
Btw, a recent study says that we take cues on how to behave with a spouse from our parents or close relatives. And I know that that was the same in most Indian households!

ME said...

Indian Household ? What is the definition NOW, eh ?


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