December 2, 2008

Terror ends. Madness continues..

The bloodbath here has left India sick and reeling.
The media and their irresponsible attitude has been left bare.
And now the politicians come out of their cubby-holes (akin to rodents aren't they all?) and start their vote-mongering holier-than-thou tamasha. Insulting fathers of martyrs and fallen soldiers, declaring monetary benefit packages to families of police personnel whom they had accused of shady dealings not a week before, placing blame on senior official who have actually no clue about what is going on and shying away from answering the main question: who are responsible for this complete collapse of gathering, assimilating, strategizing, and executing of 'intelligence'? No, we are not talking of the doddering politicians who sit on their beloved 'chair' and leave the control of this huge democratic country in the hands of nameless 'experts' who seem to have no accountability. If we, India, had the information/indications that some sort of threat was present, why didn't someone (and btw, who is/are this/these people in power, this someone who can take decisions?) do something?
I apologize for these last few posts which are barely coherent. But, I ask you, how do you deal with this helplessness?
Here are some who have done a better job of dealing with the goings on:
Amit Verma - This city...
Mad Momma-Jaagte Raho
Kiran - Save Us
Salil Tripathi - Bombay Burning
Sadanand Dhume - India's Anti-terror blunders
Chyetanya Kunte - Shoddy Journalism
Enough. Will blog of something else later.



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