December 23, 2008

Heroes: tonight is the night!

Heroes season 3 is premiering today!! Yea!! I was waiting, waiting and
the wait is finally over. Bye bye reading episode details online!
If you aren't hooked onto this series yet, now is the time to start!
Be warned though: the series is highly addictive.

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phatichar said...

Watched one episode some time back - looks something like x-men, minus the weird outfits.

But would like to get my hands on the always game for super-heroes.

Priyanka said...

@phatichar: The plot is little more involved than X-Men. Love my superheroes too. Especially when a movie/series features more than one ;)
Episodes out on DVDs but you can find them online in a lot of torrents as well. The series is a little graphic, though.


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