December 5, 2008

Chai time

Wow.. 50th post! Yea!! Well, you would be happy too if you were the lazy, snoozy-all-the-time, compulsive-procrastinator that I am. For me, 50 posts in half as many months is nothing short of a miracle! So, am going to dedicate this post to the thing that is actually helping me write this - chai. Tea is one of my (long list of) vices and it is something I reach for in happy, sad, moody, sleepy and depressing times. Was watching Vir Sanghvi on Discovery Travel and Living channel last night, and he was on his own tea pilgrimage. He called the CTC (usual chai) that we Indians consume with such gusto - industry-strength tea. Chai is chai for me in any form - industry strength with milk boiled for minutes on end or the tea leaves steeped only in water with honey variety, I love it. There used to be a time, when in Bangalore, I was addicted to it.

This particular pic reminded me of tea and bun maska at the Irani cafe Good Luck in Pune. Don't you just love biscuits with tea?

Anyway, here are some bloggers who love chai so much that they blog about it exclusively!!
Chai pilgrimage THE site for chai lovers.
Archana posts photos of her cups of chai regularly. She is the fabulous blogger who finds time to update the four blogs she writes (including the great design blog Rang Decor).
Tea Blog is a one-of a kind project that I really love. Check it out.
Insani Tea - reviews galore.
Art and Tea - the name says it all.
Tea Pages is a blog that has a little bit of everything: tea, tea reviews and personal musings!
Another Tea Blog - don't be fooled by the name, the pics and the content are really good.
Love for Teas - again, the name says it all.
Tea escapade is another great blog about tea you could go to for reading about the different kinds of tea and how the author likes them!

Oooh and don't forget to check this out: Chai Time chais on sale at your Good Earth stores. Tapri chai, Railway platform chai, Dhaba chai all vie for attention among various types of single origin, masala and organic chai. Wow...


Sagari said...

nicr blog

DeeplyDip said...

hi came to your blog through 36 and counting...i am a chai lover myself and like you said any chai would now going to check out the blogs you recommended as well...and hey Congrats on your 50th post!

Alkemie said...

Congratulations on your 50th post! I love all kinds of tea too (Chai as well ~ I just had a cup tonight.) I loved the links posted - especially the Tea Blog project, what a fun project!

Karen O.

Priyanka said...

@Sagari and DeeplyDip: Thanks a lot.

@Alkemie: Tea Blog is a fun project isn't it. Am afraid I am going to miss it - it seems to be going the same way most great blogs are doing right now: defunct.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 50th post!!!! Thanks for including Tea Escapade in your 50th post. Hope you visit again.

Chaitime said...

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jenny said...

hello after a long time! i am Jenny of CHai Pilgrimage that you linked to way back in '08! patrick and i are ready to print our 192 pages of Chai Pilgrimage and just launched a kickstarter to presell the book and raise printing costs. :) Please check it out! and share if you like. thank you and namaste! jenny


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