July 15, 2009

Lifestyle change?

College. With little pocket money. Trying to stretch it to cover petrol, outings, food, dates, birthday gifts, movies, accessories, CDs and more. And trying to save some of it. Money seemed so important back then. Used to hand it out miserly.
Working now. Earning. Trying to stretch it to cover rent, petrol, groceries, shopping bills, credit card bills, insurance payments, beauty parlor payments, movies, Internet costs, maid costs... blah blah. And THEN trying to save some. Money is still important. Its just that now, I spend it like water. Lifestyle change? More like a mindset change.
Does it suddenly hit you, on some days, the enormous change that time has wrought on your spending habits? For me, its when I visit my mom or my in-laws. They still live like they used to - spending wisely. Somehow, between college and now, I have gone from spending miserly to lavishly without stopping for a second at wisely. Have decided to find out where it is, and stay there.
The problem, of course, is the return journey to miserly. Its uphill, you know! So when you are not concentrating hard (like when your concentration breaks coz you just spotted those Aldo or Charles and Keith heels at half off or a Mango or Van Heusen sale), you just sort of lose grip and slide back to lavishly . Still trying to find wisely. Do let me know if and how you found it, especially if you are living there.


Miss M said...

Whenever I worked or did an internship, I never saved up any money.

See my funda is, money will come and go. I'm young now. I should be able to buy whatever i want and whatever i like. And I will.

Yes maybe save up a little bit, but mostly, live it up. Because when and IF you have kids, then you would realise how much you won't be able to spend on yourself.

That's why for now, don't worry so much about finances. Yes, save up a little for rainy days, but other than that, go ahead and buy those aldo shoes and fendi bags!

Screenage Scribbler said...

Yes, the change has occurred in the spending habits.

First important difference in the two states is earlier we were given money and now we are paid money.

The second difference- Earlier the money we got was limited and less. Now we get fixed but more.

Thirdly, now most of us have partners to support in our "covering ups" so we allow ourselves to be distracted by the offs and not be wise at those moments. Earlier, nah !

I think yes, money is surely important. For today and for future. For one and the all.

Point is whats your priorities and how you govern your lifestyle, is what will tell you the importance of money in your life!

Priyanka said...

M: Ok, this is going to sound very anti-climactic and weird, but the first time I wished I had really saved was when I saw a pair of Aldo shoes marked down almost 50%! Seriously, though - have been in the same boat as you, living it up. It just sometimes catches up to me how much I am living it up - guilt you know. Sometimes it feels like all the things I buy are nothing but materialistic trappings. Its very occasional, thank God!! Posted this during one of those moments :)

SS: You are right. The priorities change everything - even the way you look and term your spending. Examining mine right now :)

Anonymous said...

Same here!

Priyanka said...

@memyhubbynbaby: Welcome here!

Anonymous said...

hey...u r article for journey from college to corporate was really a nice one...i feel close to that...keep on writing!!!

Its prakash...catch me at funkychaps@gmail.com(its optional!!!lol..)


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