April 26, 2009

Trim, snip, chop. And then some...

One of the first lines of Keanu Reeves in Constantine is ' Constantine. John Constantine. A$$#*%^.' He says that to a demon before killing it off. I thought the dialogue defines the character better than any long-winded explanation could. Now, here is, to me, the most unintelligible part of it all:
Why would anyone in their right mind try to edit out parts of a movie whose involved and detailed storyline is about demons, angels and their violent war, try to take it from 'A' to 'PG' and end up showing a movie that is disjointed and unintelligible? Why would anyone want to put this tattered version of a really good movie on prime time and advertise till kingdom come? And why do morons like me end up trying to watch it 'one more time'? No thanks. Will stick to renting out the DVD next time - no ad breaks and unedited. But, no wait, there is still our censor board to think about. They make decisions not only on what kids should or should not watch but also on what adults should. I pity the guy who eagerly paid good money to watch a badly edited, hopelessly mangled censored version of a movie called 'Sex and the city' which, unfortunately for him, should have just been the 'Girls and the city'.


chaitanyak said...

i know sometimes it seems like theyre being completely random... was watching a movie called "raiders of the lost...something something" and theres all this swimming underwater...finding treasure and stuff.. and they actually "blurred" out the cleavage of one of the female characters... and she was wearing a pretty normal white shirt.. crazy thing is in a previous scene the same character was shown walking around in a wet bikini..


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