February 17, 2009

Catch up

I guess I am playing this game a lot here. Anyhoo.. Here goes. Since the last time I posted I have:
  • developed a healthy dislike of government offices.
  • upgraded the firmware and jailbroke my iPhone (with a little help from hubby dearest)
  • understood that government policies have no logical sense. [My marriage certificate is useless. I cannot use it to change my name on my PAN card. Also, for my passport, I need an address proof. Effectively, what the government officials are saying is, if you are married into this family, they should either transfer their telephone or electricity or water bill to your name. Or you could change your name in your bank. Oh but the bank wants government proof that I reside there. It makes no f@#$%ing sense.
  • learnt that while in Rome dress like a roman. (Learnt this at a recent wedding and am sorry am not going into details - the incident has traumatized me)
  • a date on any day with the one you love is always like valentine's day.
  • taking advice from fellow bloggers never hath hurt anybody: if anything it helped us on our aforementioned date. Thanks Gaurav and Lulu
  • the eat-every-two-hours diet (oops, way of life, sorry) does work.
  • realised that I can spend almost the entire day blog hopping and love it.
  • decided to start another blog (yes, i heard your smirk) and am looking for names. Help, all ye creative ones out there!
  • been horrified to realise that Mumbai is actually growing on me!


Varun said...

Well, I disagree when you say when in Rome dress like em. I hope you remember what I 'd to say about this particular issue , at Sams Wed'in :)
( Assuming the comment of yours refers to the wedding, ofcourse ) !

- Varun


Still updating the blog theme. Will get down to the blogrolling and all soon.

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