September 24, 2008

Play: The Wedding Album

I watched a play last weekend. My first play (that I remember of)!! I was, in a word, wowed.
We got an invite for this special screening (for ICICI Bank customers) of a play called, The Wedding Album. Written by Girish Karnad and directed by Lillete Dubey, said the invite. And front row seats.. Curiouser and curiouser. Hubby really wanted to go, so along we went.
And am I glad we did! The play starred well-known faces - Neena Kulkarni, tkarsh Muzumdar, Suchitra Pillai, Rajeev Paul, Amar Talwar, Deepika Deshpande and more.. And they were all good. Especially, Neena Kulkarni. She is a veteran, I know.. but I blown away by her performance.
The fact that impressed me the most was that how these actors did not even twitch one muscle when the whole audience was roaring with laughter. Nor did they betray an up-coming punchline by a flicker and delivered them quite straight-faced. I was fascinated the most, however, by how the actors did not even bat an eye or turn in the direction of an insensitive, obnoxious patron when his mobile started hollering in the middle of the play. Yup, even after repeated requests at the start of the play to switch the mobiles off, this jerk still had his on loud!!!
Am definitely going to watch more theatre. Problem is, I live in the suburbs (or should I say the 'burbs) and the plays are mostly in the city (read South Bombay) or at the nearest, Bandra. Since Rock On! I really want to live in South Bombay (if I have to stay in Mumbai, mustn't I stay in a convenient place?). Yeah, tell me about wishful thinking ;)


Anonymous said...

What's the name of the guy who delivered that wonderful cameo with the American accent?


Pinku said...


where in the Burbs do you live?? Try Prithvi at Andheri...not only are the plays are discounted on tuesday and wednesday...and the atmosphere is abolutely addictive...and the food at the open air cafeteria awesome.


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