July 9, 2008

Remember when...

..it was fun writing code, experimenting with various logic and seeking out new technologies?

..it was fun 'helping' your ma make pickles/papads/pharal?

..you used to sit in patch of warm sunlight, near a window looking out on a rainy day with the grass all green, with a steaming cup of chai and a delicious book in your hands?

..playing games on the pc was for fun. More fun if you finish it faster than your friend who is playing at his place? What if I finish this level earlier than him? Lets try. Fast fast fast. Finish this game fast. Wait, there could be a cheat for this!! Voila, found it!!

..riding on the bike just for the heck of it was the ultimate freedom high you could get? And the scene from atop the mountain, looking at the cow who seems like an ant now and musing how inconsequential it all seemed.

..you would wonder why the adults steamed ad infinitum about some incompetent guy/gal at work when they are trying to watch something on TV they ACTUALLY want to [and you have sacrificed your FRIENDS episode for]?

..you skipped home on a day when you had to stay back in school coz it was pouring and how the dew was soft and the wind cool on your face.

And I remember how I used to hate going to dance class on weekends. It was like having tons of homework on weekends or during holidays!!

Why do I remember this? Coz, today:

..if I have to write one more line of code / have to evaluate the feasibility of one more new technology, I would kill myself.

..even the thought of making pickles/pharal seems so tiring and ridiculously-eating-into-your-time that its difficult to comprehend why people do it 'now-a-days'

..I want to chuck work, and sit at home to play games. Praying after every level I finish, that they have enough levels left for me to escape into. [Is it just me, or are games nowadays shorter than they used to be?]

..the idea of riding a bike brings forth an image of sitting in front of a 15-year old diesel truck with zilch maintenance and a bigger carbon imprint than 10 families can make in 10 generations. Freedom?

..I hate the guy who jams the copier, the guy who sits next to A, the female who thinks that the whole corridor should listen to her talk to her boyfriend, the moron in my team who takes enough leave to declare him as a guest to our office....

..staggering home on a day when you had to sit back in office due to the incessant rain that you did not want to wade through and instead chose to stay back and complete the pending work.

Today, to me, dance seems to be the best way to channel aggression and release stress.

Don’t you miss those hazy, lazy days when the world was much simpler and life carefree? But some things remain same forever. Reading books, steaming cups of chai, the occasional cricket win, the consistently bland, unbelievable Bollywood movies. Thank God for these :)


Vivek said...

No comments? Surprising...

You just touched the chord that was going on within me.

Life seems such a drab these days

Do {Come to work, go home, sleep} Until (Eternity).

There seems no activity in life, no thrill.

If some day, you feel like bunking work, sitting and enjoying the pakodas, chai and book in the rains, you can't.

In college days, you could bunk a full day, even without the rains, and sit on that katta.

Every exam, along with the cribs and the hard work, was fun, because of all the tension, the freedom in the near horizon.

The list just continues...

phatichar said...

Ah, bliss..made me nostalgic. And also remember this post o' mine, just thot of sharing wid' ya:


Cool stuff you've here. Keep up the good work :)

tanu said...

Hi priyanka,
i should firstly congratulate you on the blog's title pic, its too gud :)

And nice post. I somehow, manage to do everything I like even now, and dont miss anything at all. I wonder why...
Whenever it rains, I just get up and run to the terrace and just watch the rain, smell the earthy smell, take photographs..or I would leave early (giving some excuse) and have chai with pakodas at home in the rain. I strongly feel, we all can do whatever we want.
I feel that the only change in childhood and now, is that then we rarely used to worry about the world or think a lot before doing anything, and now we just think too much. Becoming just a bit more relaxed and freeing ourselves from the stupid worries, would let us again fly high... :)

megha punater said...

fursat ke raat din
they hardly exist do they????

Priyanka said...

@Vivek: Life does seem a tad boringly routine. But then, I guess we are the culprits - remember when [;)] in college we used to make it a point to meet up and have fun?? We have just become lazy, methinks.

@phatichar: Thanks a lot!

@tanu: See, its people like you who make me feel like I have become very very old and boring ;)

@megha: Yup.. They seem to have disappeared alongwith our childhood. Do you know, its been ages since I even listened to that song? Just goes to show you right?

prateik said...

mighty nostalgic account .... savouring the past is alwayz a great joy ..... unexplicable feeling .......

Vinay said...

cool site. perfect for rambling..


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