April 8, 2008


Know that feeling when you are on the verge of getting those perfect nails and then one of them chips off? Why oh why, only one of them? Two would give me as much grief as one, but double the motivation to trim off the others. But one??? After three days of mourning, still haven't found the heart to clip off the others. You know those people (read rickshaw-walas) who have a really long/overgrown thumbnail? The one that they sometimes paint? Well, I can do the opposite right? Keep one of the nails clipped short and the others long? Sad vain lazy bitch, you say? All this ado about a chipped off nail? How much can it matter to a ex-nail-biter? More than it can to non-ex-nail-biters. How is this all FYI? Umm, now THAT part I don't know.


design for mankind. said...

HA--- you are so so right!!!

Sraikh said...

LOL.. I give up and cut them all off.

karmickids said...

I feel your pain. I feel your pain. Have now reduced nail length to manageable short square format. And lots of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. Helps.


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