March 24, 2008

Ads that make breaks watchable

Saw this one thanks to bumper-to-bumper traffic while trailing behind a BEST bus. Haven't laughed coz of an ad in a long time. The men's deo and underwear ad-makers could take a page out of these people's book/ad: in-your-face ads doesn't necessarily mean ringing cash registers. You can be direct without being cheap!

[The blurred red stamp says Durex condom tester. The small print says 'Probably the best job around'. And a url is provided as well.]

Have noticed some really good ads, both print and tv. The new women's Horlicks ad with konkona sen sharma (boy, do they know their target audience), new Bajaj Pulsar ad, the recent Nike ad (the one with people playing cricket on top of buses etc), the new Virgin Mobile ads, and the Icici Prudential life insurance (found a nice way to sell life insurance, jeete raho unlike the LIC ads of old) and many more. Can't think of more right now, but will eventually and update.
Which is your current favourite one?


sanket said...

virgin mobile add ...

its a different campaign which will definately attract the youth and the get paid for incoming call will attract the lower middle class and workers to get the connection...

good thinking....

Anonymous said...

Durex ads had alwazz been lyk dis :One I remember made a impregnation on my Young Soft mind was;
To all those who use our competitors Product :

Happy FAther's Day !!

That too on eve of Fathers day !!

A Master Mind Creation of a FCB ( Equivalent of MCP)

Newazz ur Post is intresting !!

payal said...


Great way to grab attention!


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