February 25, 2008

Over the weekend

I love weekends and I love when almost every shop you pass has a sale on. My sis has come to Mumbai from Bangalore for a well-deserved break/holiday and we ended up doing some of the stuff that we both love- talk, shop and bicker.
Its funny, the way your relationship changes with your siblings once you grow older (this is in no way to be construed that I consider myself grown-up). The bickering has somehow stuck (and I like that) but the understanding and acceptance that has come in is welcome. So, my model-esque sister (who is blissfully unaware of her beauty) is currently in seventh-heaven as she has landed her dream job. She has always been the rebel in the family - the one who refused to follow the norm or fit in the mold. The mold being, of course me. Had decided long back that if (IF not when) I have more than two kids, I would never ever say, look at your bro/sis. Spoils their friendship, their us-kids-against-the-crazy-adults pact and starts a game of oneupmanship that I don't think ever ends. Thankfully, me being the utter conformist and she being the utter rebel the comparisons didn't stick for long and we became friends in college. Also we found common interests/hobbies!! Don't know how that happened.

Anyway, one thing is for sure. Am going to call up my kid sis whenever I need some pick-me-ups. She will still think, sincerely, that I look awesome even when I am bloated, have a bad hair day and a bad skin year. Love is blind. But isn't it nice to discover friends in places you least expected?

Sis in town means a lot of shopping or at least window shopping. But come on, who are we kidding when almost the whole city is sporting sale signs? So, between ourselves managed to spend a few thousands and I managed to achieve my to-buy list. For next month. And part of the month after. Now if that is just awesome I don't know what is.

Had gone to Candies on St. Andrews Road this time. And I was so amazed to find the quiet nooks, spacious seating and greenery in the middle of Mumbai that have decided to make it my recover-from-shopping-spree place. No matter where I am shopping. Plus all the sugary and baked goods call to me from kilometers away. Here is my review.

Am exhausted coz of the weekend. Not because of the shopping, come on! Have been avoiding/dodging/diverting and sometimes physically dragging away hubby away from movies which are nominated for an Oscar statuette. I mean, come on, most of the movies that are awarded these awards as a consolation prize coz no one watched them in the first place. Oh, ok. That is my line with hubby. But come on, who would want to drown the shopping euphoria in a tragic movie that crawls along at snail's pace? Certainly not moi. Save them for days when you either can't get any other movie or feel nothing is right with your world and pop those movies in and watch how it could be crappier. Yup, that's what these Oscar movies are for.

Speaking of awards, have decided to present the best shopping buddy award to ... no not my sis... my husband. Not only is he enthusiastic during the long process of selection, he is actually interested, doesn't walk out of the store to wait for me outside, lugs around all my shopping bags without a word and most importantly, has an eye for beauty and fashion. And then asks me when if I want to buy anything else. A gem!!



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